Back to School 2021 has a completely new meaning for students and parents alike. Once again, we will be pivoting to the new normal. Since we do not know exactly what school will look like, it is natural to feel a little unsettled. However, there are some things about Back to School which never change – its time to return to the routine, even though the routine might require some flexibility.

No matter what school looks like, the main objective is to set students up for success and foster their confidence. Parents can value and celebrate their children’s strengths—not dwell on their weaknesses. They can ward off nerves and trepidation with support—not criticism. Try to anticipate success—not failure. Parental involvement and encouragement is undoubtedly the most influential factor in their child’s academic achievement.

Check out these 5 tips in Los Angeles Mom Magazine that will help set your student up for success, jump start their confidence and help maintain their routine.

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