How We Work

Team Tutors recognizes that no two students are alike. Our goal is for each of our students to have a positive academic experience. We strive to give them all the tools they need to become confident and successful learners. We have over 75 experienced tutors, educational therapists and test prep specialists who are experts in their subjects and also trained in organization and study skills. In each session, we work toward giving students the skills to become self-sufficient learners. Team Tutors works with the student’s school curriculum but also provides additional materials when necessary. We collaborate closely with the tutors (and schools and administrators when necessary) to oversee each student’s progress.

When you first contact us, we will have an extensive phone consultation to determine your student’s needs. We then carefully select a candidate based on academic needs, learning style and personality to ensure a good match. Each student is assigned a dedicated tutor to work with. We believe in consistency so the student can build a strong relationship and sense of trust with their tutor. In addition to the individual tutor, we have an administrative staff to provide additional support and guidance to each family. The tutor will provide progress reports to make sure the student stays on target.

All tutoring can take place in your home or virtually through online platforms, depending on your preference. One-on-one instruction is the most efficient and effective way for students to learn and we believe it is imperative to the learning process. The role of our tutors is to adapt to the needs of the student as necessary. Sessions are dynamic. Our tutors actively lead their students towards obtaining the skills they need to become better and more self-sufficient learners. We also tutor students in small groups when the circumstances are appropriate.

We provide learning style assessments to help parents understand how their child processes information. The assessments are appropriate for all age levels 4 years and older. Nathalie spends one hour with the student and then has a one hour “results” meeting with the parents a few days later. Team Tutors recommends a learning style assessment for each new student so we have the opportunity for in depth interaction to help best determine their needs.

I want to thank you for providing an excellent test preparation experience for my daughter and us. I will recommend you highly to others. I also want to let you know how wonderful our tutor was. She was always on time and professional. She provided excellent tutoring and made the learning fun. My daughter always looked forward to her session.

Parent of a student at Castle Heights Elementary

We got the results and are so happy! Our son used the reading comprehension strategy his tutor taught him, and said that it worked for him. His tutor really helped him get the timing down, and he was able to finish each section with at least a little time to spare. He came out of the test happy and confident, which was great to see. He loved the essay question and wrote a lot. Thanks for all of your help, and thanks to our tutor - he was great.

Parent of a 6th grader at Turning Point

I am writing to thank you for pairing my son with the perfect tutor to prepare him for the SAT's. You knew exactly who to send to get the most out of his testing potential and it worked! He looked forward to his weekly sessions and raised his initial SAT score by almost 400 points as a result! We are so pleased and so grateful to Team Tutors for providing spot-on guidance in a caring and professional manner.

Parent of an 11th grade student at Beverly Hills High School

Our daughter owes an important measure of her success to the tutoring she received from Team Tutors. Even though more than a year has already passed since her Team Tutors' teaching, your Team's care keeps manifesting their input as a jump start for our daughter's phenomenal progress. The fact is that your tutors provided her with all the practical and theoretical tools for her success--knowledge, confidence, and mental room to absorb and process challenges, conflicts, and "failures". When I bring up with her the subject of her work under your organization's tutelage, she keeps confirming the value of that experience. In temporal terms, that experience may be becoming more and more distant to her, but its up-to-date practical value is as close to her educational progress as ever. She is so very aware of the strengths that your Organization provided her with. And, of course, as her parents, we are at least as much appreciative of your input in our daughter's success as she is.

Parent of a 7th grade student at Archer

I am so happy to refer Team Tutors. Thank you for all your help with my daughter. It was a wonderful experience.

Parent of a 6th grade student at The Center for Early Education

Thank you for all your support during this ISEE process. Our son did great on the ISEE and we are so happy with the scores!

Parent of a 6th grade student at Temple Israel of Hollywood