Team Tutors provides private, one-on-one tutoring and test preparation in the student’s home and online through virtual platforms.  We customize our programs to meet each student’s needs and we work with students of all ages.  Our experienced tutors, educational therapists and test prep specialists work with students to reinforce skills and master challenging concepts.  We build organization and study skills into the sessions so students can improve their executive functioning skills.  Our goals is to help students gain confidence and become more successful and independent learners.

Team Tutors’ owner Nathalie Kunin provides academic consulting to help families make smart decisions for their children’s education. Nathalie works closely with students of all ages and school administrators throughout Los Angeles.  

Nathalie Kunin, Owner

Nathalie Kunin has extensive experience teaching, tutoring and educating parents on how to help their children succeed academically. She founded Team Tutors in 2000 to provide students with one-on-one tutoring and comprehensive test preparation in their own homes. She works closely with students of all ages as well as many private and public school administrators throughout Los Angeles and beyond.

Nathalie received her Bachelor’s Degree at UCLA, and completed her Master’s Degree in Education at Cal State Los Angeles. She taught for five years at the Center for Early Education, where she also served as president of the Parent Association and as a member of the Board of Trustees. She currently serves on the Board of Parents Education League of Los Angeles, a non-profit resource for parents regarding schools and education. 

She lectures frequently on current educational issues and is an expert on learning styles, organization and study skills and the ISEE. Nathalie speaks often on panels regarding the aforementioned subjects and also school admissions including the college application process. She contributes articles regularly to LA Mom Magazine, Noodle and Beacon and has been interviewed as an “academic expert” by several publications, news programs, radio shows and websites.

Nathalie consults privately with parents about preschool through high school academic issues. She helps families make smart decisions when making choices about best school fit and has helped numerous families find the right school when relocating from out of state. She also advises international students applying to US schools from China.

Team Tutors works with many students who have learning differences and Nathalie oversees our team of Educational Therapists and Behavior Specialists. She “quarterbacks” and helps facilitate an integrated plan between the student, family, school and other team players.

Nathalie was born and raised in Los Angeles and has two sons, one out of college and one in high school.

Carrie Lieberman, Business Affairs

Carrie has been consulting with Nathalie since the inception of Team Tutors and officially joined the ‘Team’ in January 2010. Carrie runs the day to day business operation at Team Tutors. Carrie received her BA from Tufts University and JD from Pepperdine University School of Law. She previously served on the Board of the Zimmer Children’s Museum.

Carrie was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is a proud mother of two school age sons.

Randy Thompson, 7th-12th Scheduler and SAT/ACT Program Coordinator

Randy has worked in education for 8 years at the collegiate and secondary school level. As a former academic advisor at New York University, Randy served as a steady hand for students navigating complicated academic and scheduling matters. He also met with prospective students and their parents to introduce them to the university and to help guide them through the college selection process. Randy is sensitive to the varied needs of parents and students of all ages, and provides personalized service to each client. Randy joined Team Tutors in 2012 and schedules academic tutoring for 7th-12th grade students as well as SAT/ACT prep.

Savannah Bertram, K-6 and ISEE Scheduler

Savannah is the K-6 and ISEE scheduler. She came to Team Tutors after a long time career in publishing when its extinction could no longer be ignored. Similar to managing the orchestration of any printed magazine page, scheduling students with tutors is made-up of many parts and actions, and Savannah strives to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. Her most rewarding part of the job is hearing the inevitable esteem boost that academic confidence can bring.

Savannah is married and has one son in college. Any free time not spent with them is dedicated to the pursuit of the next athletic conquering.