THANK YOU to you to the entire Team Tutors team for all the guidance, care and support through the testing and application process! We honestly could not have done it without Team Tutors and wholeheartedly recommend their services to families seeking professional, honest, responsive, empathic and knowledgeable education professionals!

The process of applying to independent schools often felt overwhelming, and for the better part of a year our family entered into an existence of uncertainty and doubt. We felt grateful to have Team Tutors every step of the way. Our family utilized the gamut of their services including diagnostic testing for the ISEE, ISEE prep tutoring, full length in person practice testing, 1:1 interview prep for our children and family, and consultation regarding application preparation including feedback on personal statements. The team’s warm and thoughtful words of encouragement and sage advice always arrived at just the right time, and during our most challenging moments, for both ourselves and our boys! Our boys gained acceptance to their FIRST CHOICE school and we are all just so excited for our new journey to begin this fall!

Parent of 3rd and 6th graders

It was a great pleasure working with Team tutors. We started about 3 months before the ISEE. We started with a pre-test which assessed my child's strengths and weaknesses, and allowed us to tailor the tutoring to focus on her lowest scores. I am proud to share that she DOUBLED her second lowest score and tripled her absolute lowest score, earning 8s! Our amazing tutor really helped my child develop the self- discipline to really excel on this test. She was honest and kind, and helped my child develop better study habits.

Becca was a wonderful support in exploring the application process and better understanding the test. The scheduling person was incredibly flexible at assisting with scheduling and schedule changes. Honestly, I am looking forward to working with Team Tutors again for my second child! It was a really great experience for our whole family.

Parent of a 6th grader

I want to thank you and your terrific team for helping Tyler improve his ISEE scores so much. I thought your preparation materials, your program, and Guy’s skilled tutoring, were exceptional. You and your entire team are such a great resource, and are greatly appreciated!

Parent of a 6th grade student at Warner Elementary

Huge shout out to the staff and professionals at Team Tutors! Although my son is a good student, we wanted to make sure he had the knowledge and skills necessary to conquer the ISEE test, so we investigated several test prep companies and decided to work with Team Tutors group. The staff at Team Tutors found a great match for my son, who worked with him for 10 weeks last fall. My son enjoyed his sessions and felt extremely well-prepared to tackle the ISEE test for middle school. His ISEE scores were top notch and we were thrilled when he was accepted at all 3 of the highly competitive middle schools we applied to. Thank you, Team Tutors!

Jennifer, parent of a 5th grader at Carpenter Community Charter

My son's tutor was really tuned in to his strengths and weaknesses. He motivated him to work hard and supported him throughout. He understood how far to push and could sense when he needed a break. He was always positive, but clear in his direction and let him know exactly what he needed to focus on. Our son's scores were great. He worked hard, met his goals and felt great about his success.

Liz, parent of a 6th grader at TIOH

We are so happy! Our son's tutor was really terrific! Always punctual, ready to teach with a great attitude, so supportive, big smile, and made sure to help our son stay focused when he wanted to be chatty. He knew when to challenge him and when to give him space. The tutor was excellent as he prepared him very well and really understood our son so well and taught him to slow down and to pace himself! Also the mock interviewer was such a sweet, smart lady as well! And Savannah was so nice and a huge help, always trying to coordinate sessions at the best times for us when someone got sick or we had to reschedule due to the many holidays. And of course Nathalie was beyond amazing! So impressive and such a pleasure; she really is incredible! Thank you again for such a positive experience with Team Tutors.

Parent of a 6th grader at Brawerman

We were so overwhelmed with the idea of the ISEE test for our son. Team Tutors was incredible at putting us all at ease, walking us through the entire process, and giving our son the tools he needed to be confident and successful. We couldn't be happier with the results! Our son walked out of the ISEEs saying he felt completely prepared. We are so grateful to the entire Team Tutors team for helping turn a stressful situation into a manageable and positive experience.

Parent of a 6th grade student at Laurence

Over the years I have used different tutoring services in Los Angeles. I have found that Team Tutors has by far the highest quality tutors in town. Their tutors are punctual, reliable, well-rounded, intelligent and friendly.

Anne S, Brentwood and Campbell Hall Parent


Without a father in the house, and his older brother off to college, it was great for Byron to have an intelligent, thought-provoking male buddy around with a sense of humor, patience, and great organizational skills… His tutor is a willing and trusted teacher and friend.

Renee R, Center for Early Education and Marlborough Parent

My son had a great experience with Team Tutors, His tutor made reading fun and interesting each day. He currently sees a Team Tutors' chess tutor and is having a great time becoming a more confident, skilled chess player. His tutor is making learning fun!

Lesley S, parent of a Windward School student

I want to thank you for providing an excellent test preparation experience for my daughter and us. I will recommend you highly to others. I also want to let you know how wonderful our tutor was. She was always on time and professional. She provided excellent tutoring and made the learning fun. My daughter always looked forward to her session.

Julie, parent at Castle Heights Elementary

Our daughter owes an important measure of her success to the tutoring she received from Team Tutors. Even though more than a year has already passed since her Team Tutors' teaching, your Team's care keeps manifesting their input as a jump start for our daughter's phenomenal progress. The fact is that your tutors provided her with all the practical and theoretical tools for her success--knowledge, confidence, and mental room to absorb and process challenges, conflicts, and "failures". When I bring up with her the subject of her work under your organization's tutelage, she keeps confirming the value of that experience. In temporal terms, that experience may be becoming more and more distant to her, but its up-to-date practical value is as close to her educational progress as ever. She is so very aware of the strengths that your Organization provided her with. And, of course, as her parents, we are at least as much appreciative of your input in our daughter's success as she is.

Parent of an Archer Student, 7th grade


We will always remember your support all along the way. Team Tutors was such an important part of this puzzle. Thank you so much for your knowledge, care, and excellent test prep!

Parent of a student admitted Early Decision to Stanford, 2015

Team Tutors helped our child raise his SAT score by nearly 300 points. While the student has to put in the hard work, the targeted coaching, skill building, stress management, guidance, and professionalism of Team Tutors proved highly effective.

Parent of a 12th grade student

I am writing to thank you for pairing my son with the perfect tutor to prepare him for the SAT's. You knew exactly who to send to get the most out of his testing potential and it worked! He looked forward to his weekly sessions and raised his initial SAT score by almost 400 points as a result! We are so pleased and so grateful to Team Tutors for providing spot-on guidance in a caring and professional manner.

Yvonne, Parent at Beverly Hills High School

Our son was accepted early decision at Duke University. This was a team effort. Thank you, Team Tutors, for your encouragement and support.

Parent of a Senior at Beverly Hills High School

As the parent of a high school student, I've come to appreciate Nathalie's calm counsel concerning the help of my son, No issue, no matter how nuanced, was beyond Nathalie's ability to resolve. She has been a partner throughout, from providing tutors uniquely suited to work with my son to guidance on organization and motivation. I have happily referred Team Tutors to friends. I imagine Nathalie will be a partner through these last few years of high school, SAT preparation, and college admission.

Deborah, Windward parent