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Team Tutors provides private, one-on-one, tutoring in your home. We customize our programs to meet your child’s needs. Our experienced tutors work with your child to reinforce skills and master challenging concepts. Your child’s grades will improve and he or she will become a more successful learner.

I have used Team Tutors for both my children and we are all grateful for the care and expertise they provided. My son's SAT scores jumped by just under 400 points in 3 test-taking periods with the dedicated SAT tutor he worked with. I truly believe my son's final score played a huge part in his being accepted to his first choice college. My daughter had a substitute math teacher for most of one year who was overwhelmed and I didn't want her to fall through the cracks right before entering high school. Team Tutors provided an excellent math tutor that allowed my daughter to enter Algebra with flying colors. The owner of the company is easily accessible and incredibly involved. I have recommended Team Tutors to all my friends and they too, have enjoyed similar success.

Leslie W.

We found Team Tutors a few years ago when my daughter was struggling with Spanish and study skills. Team Tutors was able to pair her with someone who really helped her not only grasp the material but also understand methods to study. When we first called them to find us a tutor they were extremely thorough in finding us the right match for her particular challenges. Once we started working together I was equally impressed by their follow up.
We've now started to work with Team Tutors for our daughter's SAT prep and couldn't be happier with the results we're starting to see. The support they are providing to her AND the support they are providing us to help us through this process has been incredible. We are so grateful that we were introduced to Team Tutors. This isn't your typical test prep or generic learning skills company, they truly care about their students' success.

Kimberly P.

We went to Team Tutors when my daughter started to struggle in her math class. They sent an amazing tutor, who we have been using ever since. Not only is her tutor an expert in Singapore Math (the program her school uses) but she has become a 'big sister' to my daughter. She is so encouraging and positive. It has changed my daughter's attitude about math and given her so much confidence.

Seanne B.

It has been our pleasure working with Team Tutors Test Prep. Your team has done a great job helping our son prepare for his tests, manage his applications, and complete his essays. Furthermore, we felt completely confident and comfortable in your recommendations. You provided helpful and useful information. We can't thank you enough. You made it so easy, for all of us.

Parent of a 12th grade student at Brentwood School

We were so overwhelmed with the idea of the ISEE test for our son. Team Tutors was incredible at putting us all at ease, walking us through the entire process, and giving our son the tools he
needed to be confident and successful. We couldn't be happier with the results! Our son walked out of the ISEEs saying he felt completely prepared. We are so grateful to the entire Team Tutors team for helping turn a stressful situation into a manageable and positive experience.

Parent of a 6th grade student at Laurence

Team Tutors is the calm in the midst of the storm that is ISEE Prep. Their professional calculated approach to tutoring produces the results you want ...and they give wonderful, essential TLC to your child which is so important to get through what can only be described as a daunting but necessary process. From top to bottom, everyone at Team Tutors is committed to your child's goals. They don't hesitate to go above and beyond to provide you and your child whatever tools are in their arsenal to help them be successful. Thank you Team Tutors for an outstanding job on behalf of our daughter.

Parent of a John Thomas Dye student

We got the results and are so happy! Our son used the reading comprehension strategy his tutor taught him, and said that it worked for him. His tutor really helped him get the timing down, and he was able to finish each section with at least a little time to spare. He came out of the test happy and confident, which was great to see. He loved the essay question and wrote a lot. Thanks for all of your help, and thanks to our tutor - he was great.

Parent of a 6th grader at Turning Point

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